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One essential for every kitchen is a collection of cookbooks. We are constantly buying and receiving new books. They are my favorite gift to receive! These are some of our current favorites.

  • Joy of Cooking - There is a reason you will find this in almost every kitchen. It really is a classic and has basic recipes for almost everything.
  • Ad Hoc at Home - Besides being an amazing chef Thomas Keller also writes some amazing cookbooks. His cookbooks all include great recipes, great kitchen tips, and great pictures. Ad Hoc at Home is the most accessible of his books for the home chef.
  • Spain on the Road Again - This is based on the TV show featuring Mario Batalli and Gwyneth Paltrow and is as much of a travel book as it is a cookbook. The show was one of the inspirations for us visiting Spain on our honeymoon.
  • Small Plates Perfect Wines - My aunt gave us a copy of this as a wedding gift and it quickly became one of our go to books. Basically it is a book of tapas that you can use for dinner parties either as appetizers or side dishes. Or you can serve a few of them if you're throwing a cocktail party.
  • Cook's Illustrated - While not technically a book (though they do have cookbooks that have collections of their recipes), and not cheap ($26.95 for six issues), this is one of the things that can take your cooking to a new level. They do A LOT of testing of testing to find the optimal recipe and cooking method for a dish.
  • The New Best Recipe - This is basically the Cook's Illustrated version of Joy of Cooking. It contains their 1,000 best recipes, the result of all of their testing.
  • Your Family's Recipes - The absolute best cookbook you can have is one that you have put together yourself with all of the recipes that have been passed down through your family. The recipes that you grew up on usually remain your favorites throughout your whole life.