This Plus This

1 Baked Sockeye Salmon Will
2 Baked Trout or Loup De Mer (Branzino) Will
3 Boiled Lobster for Two Maura
4 Boiled Shrimp Will
5 Broiled Lobster Tails Will
6 Cocktail Sauce Will
7 Dill Salmon Will
8 Dungeness Crab Cocktail Will
9 Fiery Cajun Shrimp Will
10 Grilled Langoustines Will
11 Halibut on Potatoes Will
12 Lemon Garlic Beer Butter Dipping Sauce Will
13 Lime Shrimp Will
14 Oyster Stuffing Maura
15 Paella de Mariscos (Seafood) Will
16 Pan Seared Steelhead Will
17 Panko Salmon Maura
18 Salmon Packets Maura
19 Salt Crusted Striped Bass Will
20 Sauteed Salmon with Leeks Will
21 Seafood Salad Will
22 Seared Sea Scallops Maura
23 Seared Shrimp and Squid Will
24 Simple Grilled Shrimp Will
25 Smoked Salmon Will
26 Spicy Mussels Will
27 Uncle Larry's Clam Dip Will